Snapchat Memories: Does The Newest Snapchat Update Try to Remove Its Key Feature? [WATCH DEMO]


The ephemeral app is making memories to last a little bit longer.

Gone are the days when you feel a sense of urgency using Snapchat app. A recent Snapchat update introduced 'Memories' - a new feature to store snaps and stories so you can view or re-share later.

The bad side of Snapchat Memories

For many teens, Snapchat key feature was to create content in the moment. With the new Snapchat Memories, users can just scroll through their old snaps and upload them. According to TechCrunch prediction, there is a huge possibility that people could actually spam-posting their throwback pictures.

Since the urgency of Snapchat is diluted, Snapchatters can still tell if a friend's post is old or fresh. Introducing Memories on July 6, Snapchat Blog explains that if someone posts a 1-day old Snap, 'it will appear with a frame around' - making it noticeable that it is a blast from the past.

The good side of this Snapchat update

Apart from the bad side, this is probably the major upgrade that some users will find it more convenient. Previously, Snapchatters had to snap a moment, add filter, caption and decoration before posting it. This could take three to five minutes, focusing on the app instead of the actual moment.

Swiping up from the camera will lead you to Snapchat Memories.

With the new Snapchat Memories, users will no longer be interrupted with the social media sharing app because they can just snap and share later. Users can shoot videos, save them and then put the phone back to their bag. It might also be great for those wanting to take as many selfies as possible and choose the best snaps to be posted later.

Snapchat update for My Eyes Only

Another advantage of the Snapchat update is that it offers an option called 'My Eyes Only' - a password protected feature to make private shots, well, private.

Snapchat has included a search tool that eases users to find their photos using keywords like 'holiday' or 'dog'. Plus, Snapchat update allows you to string together several stories for a longer narrative.

Let's hope that your friends don't Snap a desk situation taken from different angles and post much longer than it should.

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