'“Kingdom Hearts 3”' Update: Square Enix Hints Nearly Simultaneous Xbox/PS4 Release Date With Japan Launch; Plus Original Xenahort/Eraqus Prologue


"Kingdom Hearts 3" slipped into a slightly silent rounds during the E3 2016 but many hints have been uncovered from translated interviews during the conference. Most of speculations boils down to release date and new storyline.

So, Here is a shortlist of hints about the "Kingdom Hearts 3" PS4/Xbox launch:

1 December "Kingdom Hearts 3" Update

Technically, the upcoming announcement arriving on December has been revealed even before E3 which was a major fragment of the "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" E3 trailer, DesignNTrend wrote. But what will be revealed by December remains a top secret. But most speculations believe that it will come during PlayStation Experience 2016, if not, at the annual Sony Press Conference which usually held during this month.

2 Final Fantasy Worlds Omitted

Kingdom Hearts Co-Director Tai Yasue confirmed that there will be no Final Fantasy world location and no plans had really come up in there team for that, MovieNewsGuide reported. More so because, Yasue specifically pointed out, they are making original worlds and Disney worlds.

3 "Kingdom Hearts 3" Storyline Transitioning From "Kingdom Hearts 2.8"

We have barely heard information on "Kingdom Hearts 3" story details but during E3, it is publicized that the third installment will be in line with "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" story. Plus, Director Tetsuya Nomura said that the upcoming franchise games must be played as follows: "Kingdom Hearts 3D", "Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep 0.2" and "Kingdom Hearts 3". Note that the first two titles are joined in one disc titled "Kingdom Hearts 2.8". This means that the "Kingdom Hearts 3" will follow in that order.

4 Original "Kingdom Hearts 3" Prologue

"Kingdom Hearts 2.8" basically serves as a prologue to the third game but this time there will be a second opening within "Kingdom Hearts 3" to make all players acquainted to the whole new plot. Nomura added that the conversation shown in past trailers was the game's opening scene. If this end up to be true, we might see Eraqus or Xehanort before taking off in the game.

5 Japan Release

"Kingdom Hearts 3" release on PS4 and Xbox One has been the one of the most sought after news up until today. And to our disgust, none has been revealed during the E3. But Nomura told Famitsu that the title would potentially hit Japan much earlier than the rest of world. However, "Kingdom Hearts 3" arrival is rumored to be nearly simultaneousr.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is still under development for PS4 and Xbox One. What are you expecting from "Kingdom Hearts 3"? Share us your thoughts and let us have a discussion at the comment section.

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