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Jul 04, 2016 09:13 PM EDT

'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Update: Electric Fairies, Bugs, Water Psyche New Pokemons Present With Three New Zyngarde Forms


"Pokemon Sun and Moon" English trailer revealed nine of the newest pocket critters that all hail from the Alola region. The nine Pokemons are Tapu Koko, Charjabug, Vikavolt, Drampa, Bruxish, Cutiefly, Togedemaru, Rockruff, and Komala.  

  1. Pokemon Tapu Koko is an electric fairy with an electric surge ability that users have never seen before.
  2. Pokemon Charjabug is an electric bug with the ability to raise the power of allies' special moves.
  3. Pokemon Vikavolt is also an electric bug that zooms through the forest and uses its huge jaws to control a beam of electricity. It can breathe fire.
  4. Pokemon Drampa is a normal dragon with a Berserk ability.  Its Pokemon Special Attack stat goes up by one when its HP drops below half, Game Zone reported.
  5. Pokemon Bruxish is a water psyche that has a Dazzling Ability to prevent opponents from using priority moves that normally strikes first.
  6. Pokemon Cutiefly is a bug fairy which can detect the auras of living things, including people, Pokemon, and plants.  
  7. Pokemon Togedemaru is an electric type of Pokemon that gathers electricity and stores it.
  8. Pokemon Rockruff is a rock with an excellent sense of smell. Once it smells an odor, it does not forget.  
  9. Pokemon Komala is a normal Pokemon, but no one has ever seen a Komala awake. It has the comatose ability that keeps it perpetually in a drowsing state, preventing it from getting any other status conditions.

Zygarde will also have three new forms that will be featured in the game. It will come in Zygarde 10 percent Forme, 50 percent Forme, and Complete Form. Each has its own uses in every pace of the game, Polygon reported.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" are slated for release in the holidays of 2016, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. No other information has been made about the upcoming "Pokemon Sun and Moon" treat.

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