FDA Warns You to Bake That Raw Cookie Dough or You'll Get Sick! [VIDEO]


After sifting the flour, mixing it together with brown sugar, butter and choco chips; you'll normally get tempted to eat the delicious, irresistible raw cookie dough.

However, FDA's latest announcement might make you think twice to eat your raw cookie dough.

FDA cookie dough issue warns consumer with the risk of bacteria infection

The FDA cookie dough warns were announced to update consumers with the risk of infection when eating raw cookie dough. 'Don't give your kids raw dough', says senior advisor Jenny Scott as published in FDA website.

The warning comes right after E. coli outbreak in 20 states. It is reported that more than 35 people were infected with E. coli after eating raw cookie dough. CDC believed that the source of infection came from flour produced by General Mills in Kansas City. The officials also named some of the flour brands being recalled, including Gold Medal and Signature Kitchen's, ABC News reported.

Raw cookie dough could be contaminated with bacteria

Commenting on the FDA cookie dough issue, Leslie Smoot from Food Safety explained that raw cookie dough might contain harmful strains of E. coli since the grains to make flour, come from the field and bacteria from animal waste could possibly contaminate the grains. This is why eating raw cookie dough could get you sick.

The dangers of eating raw cookie dough

Most people think that it is the raw eggs that could contain Salmonella that cause the infection. However, the new finding suggests that flour could also be harmful when it contains E. coli bacteria. The killing-steps include baking, boiling, roasting, or frying. Raw dough does not kill the harmful bacteria, WebMD reported. Even when people don't consume the raw cookie dough, they tend to lick their hands after incorporating the ingredients by hand.

Symptoms of infections

FDA cookie dough warnings include a set of infection symptoms that people need to pay close attention. The infection symptoms include diarrhea, stomach cramps, and even kidney failure on elderly people that tend to have weakened immune systems.

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