Google VS Apple iPhone 7: Google-Branded Phone Shapes Up As Powerful iPhone 7 Killer Instead Of Nexus 2016 [VIDEO]


iPhone 7 has not been released yet but surely Google is giving Apple a hard-time as it shapes up a powerful iPhone killer to compete in the smartphone market which will be out together with the Nexus 2016.

Trusted informants aware to Google's smartphone plans said that Team Google is having discussions with mobile operators on shaping up a Google-branded phone, a bold move to extend the tech giant's hardware territory, The Telegraph reported. Apparently, what these devices will be called is not clear yet and how they will distinguish themselves from Nexus phones. A senior sources pulled that the device will probably arrive by the end of 2016 coinciding the alleged iPhone 7 release date.

Google is reportedly taking full control over the iPhone killer's software, specs, manufacturing and design. Meanwhile, Google CEO Sundar Pichai belied these rumors in an interview saying that Google will keep up making Nexus handsets with partners which eventually could give a lot more consideration to them in the future, BGR wrote. Pichai added that the next Nexus handsets would not run pure Android any longer. It seemed that Google is not into taking control of the hardware market and producing Google-branded phones.

CCS Insight Analyst Ben Wood said Team Google is concerned that Android is fragmenting and knows that it needs to develop into a more controlled platform, The Telegraph added. For Wood, he believed Google seek to control it more, more just like Apple.

Additionally, a tip said Google is also allegedly annoyed about customers' perception of iPhone as the lone premium offering on the smartphone market, 9to5Google added. This boils down Google's pursuit to come up with a high-end Google device or the iPhone killer to match the upcoming iPhone 7 and also to beef up against premium handsets created by Google partners.

If ever this iPhone killer rumors turns out to be untrue, the Nexus 2016 will surely give Apple iPhone 7 a good and exciting showdown.

Watch Google Exec's Interview during the Code Conference 2016 below. Do you know any recent comment about the Google-branded handsets? Share them at the comment box below.


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