Prosecutors: John Enochs Cannot Be Convicted Of Rape


Prosecutors that handled the case of John Enochs are under fire after dropping the rape charges against Enochs.

John P. Enochs of Indiana University was only sentenced one day in prison and one year probation after pleading guilty to a only a single class-A misdemeanor charge. This brought the prosecutors under fire.

The prosecutors, however, said that they did not want to allow Enochs to plead guilty and wanted to convict him but they did not have enough evidence to throw Jonh Enochs behind bars.

John Enochs, 22, was accused of sexual assault to two women during frat parties. One was in 2013 and the other was in 2015. The Judge, however dropped the two felony charges of rape and placed John Enochs on probation for one year instead. The case that was presented was very unusual because the complaints were two years apart. Also, neither of the case presented enough evidences to prove Enochs guilty of rape, said Monroe County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Bob Miller in a written statement, NBC News reported.

The events was frustrating for the prosecutors because of the facts that there were complaints against the defendant. The same reason why the prosecutors pursued accountability to the part of the defendant and this led to the plea agreement, Bob Miller wrote.

Rape victim advocates was outraged of this scenario and even compared this event to that of Brock Turner. Brock was a former Stanford university student who was allegedly accused of raping an unconscious woman in a frat party behind a dumpster. He was only sentenced six months behind bars after he was convicted. This also drew attention and outrage of rape victim advocates.

Another woman in came forward after the recent rape event. The woman reported to the authorities and said that john Enochs raped her at the sorority house, Delta Zeta, back in 2013. She then identified Enochs in a line up. But after Enochs presented evidence demonstrating his innocence, the prosecutors dropped both of the rape charges, Pop Herald reported.

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