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Cyberbullying Is The Top Frustration of Students


Constitutes bullying and cyberbullying are the main roots of frustrations of students in schools.

A study of the Kentucky Center for School Safety, there were more than  600 school administrators responded to survey questions, which sought to gather information about how anti-bullying policies are implemented in school systems across the state. The result of the study shows there were more than 80 percent of high school administrators and more than 70 percent of middle school administrators cited cyberbullying as their greatest frustration.

The executive director of Kentucky Center for School Safety said that cyberbullying is rising. In a statement, he said that back in 50 years, bullies do their thing during recess, but now, bullying happens even in homes.

Meanwhile, another study shows that citizen journalism triggers cyberbullying, Business Standard reported.

Citizen journalism is where the public contributes to the reporting, and even analysis and dissemination of news. It also allows ordinary citizens to witness events, document materials (whether online articles or videos), and share them via phones and social media.

Although citizen journalism becomes a tool to get important news quickly, however, it could lead to cyberbullying as well.

In citizen journalism, the video is usually poor film quality and shaky. A sociologist and criminologist  from Lund University in Sweden, Agneta Mallen, said what is common within a type of citizen journalism is that it is perceived as truth. Mullen added that it opens the door to bullying.

In Mullen's study, she analyzed a video clip that trended online a few years titled "Crazy Granny" that shows an elderly woman who seems trying to sneak away without paying for her taxi fare. The video garnered hundreds of thousands views, and most of the hundred commends said that woman is "defamed and ridiculed." Most comments are against the old lady, and some comments are sexist and even encouraged violence.

The true story of video is that the woman was not trying to escape to avoid paying taxi fare, but she had a conflict about her accidentally spilling on the seat of the taxi. The driver wanted her to pay damages before she leaves.

The police closed the investigation immediately and they classified it as an accident.

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