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Facebook Rolls Out “360 Photo,” Allows Tilt-Viewing Of Panoramas


Facebook launched a new feature with "360 photo" on June 10, which allows tilt-viewing of panoramas.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced release of its new viewing option on his Facebook account, along with an 360 photo of a view from the top of One World Trade Center.

Zuckerberg likens the view option to 360 videos, but cites one key difference between the two; you can take 360 photos directly with your phone, rather than an expensive 360 video camera.

The Facebook boss assures its users that it is as simple as taking a panorama, and Facebook would "take care of the rest."

Once the photo is uploaded, the website converts the image to a 360 photo. When the photo displays a compass icon at the bottom right of the image, users can now tilt-view the photo, much like a 360 video.

Users whom have purchased the Gear VR from Samsung are also treated to more immersive experience. Those who have their device with them can hit the "View in VR" button at the top left corner, and proceed to view the photo by moving their head around, TechCrunch reported.

Facebook has announced the plans to add the feature to the News Feed last May. It is apparent that the social networking website aims to bring its users more immersive content, and as VR is still relatively in its infancy, this would likely be one feature in a string of upcoming VR-related updates.

The release has garnered the attention of many of its users, with celebrities and institutions being a few of them. Paul McCartney has released a 360 photo on his Facebook account, placing the viewer in between the stage and a sea of thousands of fans.

Meanwhile, NASA published their photo, which allows the viewer to scan around the International Space Station with their devices.

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