University of Alabama tuition and UA salaries Increased


University of Alabama System Board of Trustees approved the increase in tuition fee for both in and out of state students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Alabama.

University of Alabama's vice-chancellor for finance - Ray Hayes, gave an explanation to trustees two years ago that the institution had no choice but to increase the tuition fee.

Vice-chancellor Hayes stated that they've been working very hard to keep the university tuition rates down. However, as expenses increased, they can't do a thing about it, AL reported.

The in-state students at the University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, will pay $150 or more per semester, while students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham will pay $170 or more, WVTM reported.

The out-of-state students will pay their tuition fee  $500 or more at UA and at UAB students will pay $444 or more.

The soaring of tuition at the University of Alabama is said to help in providing health and retirement benefits for employees.

University system officials claimed that after they evaluated the budget every year, the increase in tuition has a circumstance that puts everybody in the university in a favorable position.

Hayes is now making a salary of 475,000 per year, 19 percent has increased since his speech in 2014.

According to University of Alabama's own databases, there are more than 790 staffs at the university earn more than $100,000 annually. While University of Alabama at Birmingham pays six figures to 1,700 employees and Auburn's more than 600 workers receives six-figure salaries.

Spokeswoman Kellee Reinhart, vice chancellor for system relations, witnessed her pay grade was raised by 21 percent - quarter million dollars. While a 12 percent raise to the assistant to the chancellor, and the secretary to the Board of Trustees got a salary raised by 15 percent.

Reinhart expressed her diverging views by saying that this year's tuition increase will be among the lowest ever.

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