Trump University Forcibly On Hold upon Foreclosure Crisis


Trump University instructors were urging students to seek out desperate sellers to reap a sudden financial gain, as millions of individuals were deprived of their homes in the depth of an economic decline.

The issue surfaced by the recently released documents in the federal class-action lawsuit against the United States presidential hopeful Donald Trump, LA Times reported.

Trump University, the American for-profit education company founded by Trump and two associates, offered workshops on how to take advantage of the foreclosure crisis in some of the biggest states, which includes California.

When the Trump University in 2008 aimed to persuade potential students to sign up for a three-day, $1,495 workshop, more than 2.3 million foreclosures were filed across the nation, said Daren Blomquist, a senior vice president at RealtyTrac. As that year was the height of the foreclosure market.

The advocates of democracy seized upon Trump University's center of interest on foreclosures as an example of the U.S. presidential candidate's willingness to profit on Americans' suffering.

State Controller Betty Yee, who has endorsed the 67th United States Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton, stated that it's really offensive, Trump is taking advantage of  defenseless communities to line the pockets of the wealthy.

However, the namesake university of Trump is handing Democrats an easy hit in opposition to Republicans who gave assistance to such for-profit schools, TIME reported.

The conflict of Clinton with Trump University will probably continue through the fall. As Eric Schneiderman, New York Attorney General, is suing Trump for fraud, a class-action lawsuit will make its way to trial in California. And Hillary Clinton has slammed Trump over the issue in speeches, a parody video and campaign material.

On the other hand, media organizations have spoken to a federal judge that Trump's testimony in suits over his Trump University is not a valid reason to keep videos of Trump's depositions secret, Politico reported.

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