How Workout Routines Can Ruin Your Skin: 3 Science-Backed Ways to Fix It


Workout routines are good for health and body. But workout routines can ruin skin - resulting skin problems from breakouts to chafing.

Gym equipment can be dirty enough to cause skin infections

The gym equipment is for public use and it is so easy to get skin infections. People exercise and sweat every single day and it could spread germs to anywhere, including the next person who will use the machine. Dr. Pritish Tosh from Mayo Clinic explained that some gym equipment like mats and padding are porous and they get damp easily.  

How to fix the skin problem caused by gym equipment?

Cleaning off the treadmill before using it might seem impractical but you will save yourself from infectious diseases. Tosh also provided an example, hockey players often get skin infections and get 're-infected' because the problem is in the pads, HuffingtonPost reported. According to Tosh, wiping down the machines is a golden rule.

Outdoor workout routines can cause skin rash

Heat rash is a common skin condition whenever someone does outdoor workout. The red dots or pinkish rash color usually occur on areas prone to friction or around the skin folds.

How to fix the skin problem caused by outdoor workout routines?

Whatever the workout routines you do, bike ride, run, or plank, try to rest on a shady area. You can also apply cool compress on areas that are prone to heat rash. Use non comedogenic sunscreen that won't block pores.

Workout clothes that are too tight can cause body acne

Workout clothes can also cause skin problems. People often neglect the importance of wearing proper fitness gear during their workout routines. Workout clothes that are not made from breathable materials can rub against skin and cause body acne. Some people get skin problems like acnes on their chest, back and neck simply because their workout clothes are too tight. Acne bacteria can easily thrive in damp areas, in parts where your workout clothes trap the skin.  

How to fix the skin problem caused by workout clothes?

Chris Moore from DriRelease fabrics explained that athletic garments often combine polyester and cotton fibers to create dry-wick clothing. Nike and Asics use this method when creating their workout clothes, Washington Post reported. Dermatologists also suggest taking shower immediately after every workout routine. In case your gym does not have shower facility, you can change into dry clothes before heading home.

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