Stanford University Commencement Speech 2016: Filmmaker Ken Burns Tells Grads to 'Make Babies' and 'Be Curious' [WATCH FULL VIDEO]


Stanford University commencement speech 2016 invited Emmy award winner, filmmaker Ken Burns as a speaker on Sunday. He delivered inspirational message for Stanford University class of 2016.

Stanford University commencement speech 2016: Ken Burns advised grads to 'be curious, not cool'

Burns talked about how grads should feed their souls every day by being curious on things and not just be cool. The Oscar-nominee also pointed out how insecurity is making 'liars of us all'. According to Burns, the key to healthy is to be educated in many ways. The filmmaker also encouraged Stanford grads to seek mentors and be a hero so that they could make a difference.

Ken Burns Stanford speech on 'make babies'

Albeit having enthusiasm in life, the father of four also advised grads to make babies so that they would understand what it's like to be worried about someone other than themselves. Burns described it as 'liberating and exhilarating' and said that parents of Stanford grads would agree on his opinion, Mercury News reported.

Ken Burns commencement speech pointed out Donald Trump's errors

Burns as a documentary historian, felt the need to address how Donald Trump is an 'insult to history'. The documentarian also described Trump as misbehaving child hoping for dessert left. According to Burns, the presumptive nominee actually leads African-Americans to go at the back of the line and women will lose their rights of their own body.

The Stanford commencement address somehow, is his way to encourage Americans to reconsider the supports on Trump by saying that his candidacy is a threat to democracy. He also advised Stanford grads not to be silent and neutral because they must speak up to defend their country at some point. Burns made the statement because he thinks Trump is a 'bullying man' and 'naked emperor', Time reported.

Here's a full video of Stanford commencement speech 2016 from Ken Burns for the grads!

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