US Universities Have Obligation To Fight Against Gun Laws


US Universities are obliged to protest against gun laws that allow carrying hidden weapons on college campuses.

Presidents of the universities in the United States have a responsibility to speak against policies that allow students to carry concealed weapons inside the campus, said George Washington University outgoing president Steven Knapp, Times Higher Education reported.

Steven Knapp added that someone armed with a firearm cannot be prevented from coming in a university. Especially in a society where there are more firearms than people. This is a reality faced in the United States. The best thing to do is make sure the students are trained and adequately supported by a system where they can be protected.

A new law will take effect in August preventing public colleges and universities in the State of Texas from banning concealed handguns inside the school premises. This was disagreed upon by GWU president Steven Knapp.

The shooting that happened is considered a wake-up call to the chancellor of different universities. Steven Knapp's comment came after the shooting incident in University of California in Los Angeles where an engineering professor was fatally shot inside the campus.

In response to the latest shooting incidents, 10 chancellors from different universities in California public system held a meeting to discuss the moves they are going to make.

The gun-control debate is still on-going despite the efforts of advocates to push gun-control into law. This is in response to gun shooting incidents in 2015. In January 2016, United States President Barrack Obama took executive actions to curb gun violence which includes wide federal background checks to gun buyers, The Atlantic reported.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution upheld rights to own firearms. However, a court decision in 2008 struck down in Washington, D.C. banned handguns and required firearms at home to be disassembled or locked up.

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