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Why Infinity Ward Opted To Drop 'Ghosts 2,' Makes 'Call of Duty Infinite Warfare' Instead


Infinity Ward explained why the company opted to drop developing "Ghosts 2," and makes "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" instead.

Infinity Ward's Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki revealed that the company chose to go along with a different storyline, which they developed into "Infinite Warfare." Kurosaki claims that they have written in a new story and decided to add a brand new entry to the "Call of Duty" series, which the narrative director stated in an interview with AusGamers.

Fans would be left asking about "Ghosts," as the storyline ended in a wide cliffhanger. Critics have claimed that the reason Infinity Ward decided to drop "Ghosts 2" was simply it had received negative reviews, and low number of units sold.

Infinity Ward played down the claims, and have stated that it wanted to tell a completely different story with no connections to prior "Call of Duty" games.

Kurosaki rather avoids a direct answer regarding the cancelation of "Ghosts 2," but the narrative director is adamant that the company only wanted to add a brand new entry to the series, with an original story, according to Gaming Bolt.

Infinity Ward continues the series with "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare," which features a new setting, along with a completely new cast of characters. The developers state that players are bound to "love" the "compelling narrative themes," which are in line with the weight of leadership.

The developers revealed that the main protagonist for the new installment is going to be Lt. Reyes. The game begins with the "no man left behind" theme, which is relatively a common theme among stories about war.

But Jacob Minkoff, design director at Infinity Ward, is adamant that the studio's charter is "innovation."

"Call of Duty Infinite Warfare" is set to be released on November 2016. The game's setting was likened to a World War II theme rather than along the themes of science fiction, as reviewed by gamers whom attended E3 2016, IGN reported.

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