'50 SPF Sunscreen' Sparks Controversy: Child Suffers Second Degree Burns After Applying '50 SPF Sunscreen' Spray [VIDEO]


Basking the Virginia sun should have been safer for kids by coating them with sunscreen. But the case was different for Liam Sayers and his brother who were applied with "SPF 50+ Banana Boat Kids Spray Sunscreen." It caused them first and second degree burns instead.

Jennifer Sayers, Liam's mother said that the sunscreen's bottle shows the sunblock is tested and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Jennifer said that they have re-applied the sunscreen to the kids every time they would come out the water. She even sprayed the sunscreen into her hand to apply it straight onto her child's face, WHNT 19 News reported.

Jennifer followed the directions and her son was just fine on their way home from the beach. The next morning it was completely different story. According to her, when Liam woke up, his eyes were nearly swollen shut. She found swelling and blistering all over Liam's face, mostly on his cheeks and nose, WHNT 19 News added.

Dr. Eric Freeman, a pediatrician at Old Dominion Pediatrics, said to the family that doing all the right things would not guarantee that you will not get burned. He said that the spray sunscreen is just as good as lotion sunscreen. However, he recommended parents to buy other sunblock for the face. Freeman suggested them to look for sunscreens particularly for sensitive skin areas must contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide which "The Banana Boat" spray does not have, CBS 6 reported.

On the other hand, Edgewell Personal Care issued a statement regarding Liam's burns. According to the makers of "Banana Boat," there is nothing more important to their company than the well being of the people who use their products. They assured consumers that Banana Boat products provide safe and effective broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection if used as directed on the product's label and with other sun protection measures as necessary.

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