‘UFO Sighting’ In Ohio: Another Witness Videotapes UFO Inside ‘Translucent Square’ In Ohio [VIDEO]


Ohio - A witness who has reportedly watched the recent "UFO sighting" claimed that they have experienced the same before. Having a videotaped the encounter, they described the UFO's appearance as "large ball within a translucent square," in a testimony accounted as Case 47675 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness report database.

The witness was sitting at their backyard together with her husband were. The UFO encounter happened about 9:30 pm on May 26, 2013. She said that her husband suddenly looked over her shoulder and asked, 'What the hell is that?' She added that the object was roughly directly going toward their location and was huge, Open Mind UFO News reported.

The witness, who wished not to be named, further described the UFO as a large, translucent square. Inside the square was a very bright lively white light that fainted to a glowing red light and then turn back into white. They watched it slowly and silently glide across the sky until it faded from the tree line and moved slower than a plane. The couple videotaped it with their smart phones, OM-UFO News added.

The UFO sighting was reported to MUFON the next day, May 27, 2013.  Ohio Field Investigator Donovon Lee closed the investigation as an Unknown. According to Lee's report in MUFON case file, the object's shape was spherical and appeared to be pulsating as if it was burning. The color was described as white but was glowing to a reddish hue. It made no noise during its appearance. The temperature was usual at 38 degrees and the winds due south at 15 mph and moderately cloudy.

Meanwhile, the object's origin is unrecognizable from videos. However, some irregularities are noted:

1) The supposed UFO moves too slow for a balloon or a kite and too fast to be an airplane.

2) The object in the sighting is not visually consistent compared to any toy or hobbyist vehicle.

3) It moves opposite of the slight breeze. Therefore, it is self-propelled ad not 'pushed along.'

The Field Investigator also noted that two other UFO sightings in Ohio were similar.


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