UCLA Campus Shooting: Gunman Planned To Kill Two Professor? A Shocking 'Kill List' Discovered!


Mainak Sarkar, the man suspected in a murder-shooting at University of California Los Angeles, apparently left behind traces of clues that led police to another victim.

On Thursday, June 2, Sarkar's wife, Ashley Hasti was found dead in Brooklyn Park, a suburb of Minneapolis, investigators in Hennepin County, Minnesota noted - however, those officials did not establish Hasti was the woman who was found dead.

Carolyn Marinan, Hennepin County Communications Officer noted that Sarkar and Hasti married June 14, 2011, but it was not clear if they were still married at the time of their deaths. While inspecting Sarkar's Minnesota home, a note with an apocalyptic title, "Kill list," that included names of three people was found, Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck said.

William S. Klug, the mechanical engineering professor Sarkar killed was included in the list.

Hasti's name was also found on the list. Apparently, she was killed before the UCLA shooting, as it appeared from the gunshot wound she had, Deputy Police Chief Mark Bruley noted.

The third person on Sarkar's "Kill list" was another professor at University of California Los Angeles. However, that faculty member was off-campus and thus free from danger, the police chief noted.

"A dispute over intellectual property" was the reason behind the UCLA shooting that led to a campus lockdown for several hours on Wednesday, Beck told CNN affiliate KTLA-TV.

Sarkar, who later shot and killed himself believed Prof. Klug stole computer code from him and gave it someone else. Sarkar reportedly had multiple loose rounds of ammunition and multiple magazines of ammunition, clearly indicating that he was all set to assail multiple victims.

Judging by the looks of it, Sarkar had been nursing a grudge for a long time as it was evident from his social media posts. He slammed Prof. Klug on social media for several months. One of his post even dubbed Klug as a "very sick person" who is not trustable, Los Angeles Times reported.

The shooting comes at probably one of the most taxing times on campus - the week before finals.

Contrary to Sarkar's claims, students as well as faculty members described Prof. Klug as one of the most popular teachers on campus. According to UCLA professor Alan Garfinkel, he was a wonderful man, in fact "the nicest guy you would ever want to meet."

Peter Gianusso, who spearheaded the El Segundo Little League where Klug served as a coach said the professor represented exactly what Little League was all about: "character, courage and loyalty." Klug shared a special relationship with his son through baseball.

When the shooting was first reported, Los Angeles Police immediately issued a tactical alert, putting all officers citywide on alert. Officers armed with shotguns and assault rifles assembled on campus.

The incident, clearly caught UCLA students by surprise, while many were reportedly scared.

Two legally purchased semiautomatic guns were found at the scene of the crime. Sarkar had a note on him listing his Minnesota address and requesting someone to check on his cat.

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