Tulane Law School's LLM Program Ranks Among The Best For Foreign Attorneys!


Looks like Tulane Law School is on a roll. International Jurist magazine rated Tulane Law School's LLM program as one of the top nine LLM programs for career opportunity and among the top 11 for academic quality.

Tulane Law School's master's program is one of the best in the U.S. as far as foreign attorneys studying here are concerned, according to International Jurist magazine's list of top LLM programs for academics and career opportunities. The listed schools were not ranked though. The categories schools were judged in include law-school experience as well as top value.

The selection was based on the information from law schools and other sources including the American Bar Association.

The LLM program comprises of forty international students and represents countries such as India, Germany, China, Australia, Albania, Senegal, Panama, Nigeria, Greece and Bolivia. Tulane offers a dual curriculum in civil and common law, in addition to programs in comparative law and maritime/admiralty.

What's worth noting is that the number of international students has remained steady for about four or five years, Herbert Larson, who serves at Tulane as an executive director of international legal and graduate programs told Louisiana Record.

Larson, a senior professor of practice who has been in Tulane since 1992 at some capacity, noted that the school has several ways of attracting international students.

Tulane boasts the 12th oldest law school in the U.S., and is located on Tulane's Uptown campus in New Orleans, Louisiana. The law school was established way back in 1847, which implies that quite a few people worldwide in government positions and in universities who were trained at Tulane.

Larson cites India as an example as senior partners at some of the leading Indian firms have earned their advance degrees from Tulane.

A Greece student, Ifigeneia Xanthopoulou dubs her year at Tulane as an "extraordinary experience" that enabled her to not only study with internationally-acclaimed faculty, experience the one-of-a-kind culture of New Orleans and Tulane, but also build friendships that will last forever.

In addition to familiarizing students with the United States' legal system, the LLM program facilitates in building a solid base as far as legal research and writing skills are concerned, Xanthopoulou said.

But that's not all, Xanthopoulou added that the LLM program also permit students to concentrate on their preferred field, according to reports on Tulane University Law School's official website.

Xanthopoulou served as president of Graduate Lawyers at Tulane, and is slated to join the admiralty section of Chaffe McCall, New Orleans. She said her decision to fly all the way across the world to become part of an emerging, international community has not only made her a better lawyer, but has also helped her become more mature, understanding and open person.

After serving at Tulane as president of Graduate Lawyers, she will now join the admiralty section of Chaffe McCall, New Orleans.

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