Trump University Record to Be Unsealed by Hispanic Judge Criticized by Donald Trump


US District Judge Gonzales Curiel released the order to unseal the documents related to the Trump University lawsuit. The decision to release the documents was done on the same day that Donald Trump heavily criticized Curiel for his involvement in the case during a rally in San Diego. Trump apparently called Curiel a "hater" and also brought up the latter's Hispanic roots.

Donald Trump's Trump University Class-Action Lawsuit

The Trump University is a real estate school sued for reported fraudulent misrepresentation of the institution. The lawsuit comes from several of the thousands of students who paid more than $30,000 for seminars have believe they have been duped to learning about Trump's real estate techniques and strategies, Rueters reported. Curiel signed the order to release the documents on Friday, the same day that Trump spoke at a rally in San Diego.

Trump fired words at Curiel for being a "hater" and his being appointed by President Barack Obama, and later on dismissed his authority because of his Hispanic heritage. Curiel explains that the release of the documents is "routine." Furthermore, the files have already been published by Politico, Inquisitr noted. District Judge Curiel is an American citizen born in East Chicago, Indiana and got his law degree from Indiana University School of Law.

Donald Trump in Hot Water?

Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee for the upcoming US elections this November 8. Curiel fires back at Trump by saying that Trump University should be transparent to the public given Trump's presidential aspirations, New York Daily News shared. However, the trial date for the Trump University lawsuit is scheduled in the same election month and it is possible that Trump won't be able to handle the lawsuit before then.

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