3 Helpful Advices on College Rejection You Haven't Heard Before


College rejection can hurt and here are advices from university students for those dealing with the emotional breakdown.

There is no such thing as 'only one perfect college for me'

Nothing is more exciting than being accepted in a prospect college, students easily forget to compare it with the other potential schools which qualifications may fit to yours. It has become a belief for students to have only one perfect school for them. Hence, when they are not accepted, they quickly feel discouraged.

Meredith Ball, a student at William and Marry, Virginia shared her valuable tips to high school students. It is important to 'be excited' with the options and prepare to receive any result that may come. It goes the same when choosing the second school or the third school in the options. Narrow down the choices and find out which schools seem to give you more excitement. Or, you can talk to the lecturers or students in that particular college to get a grasp of what it's like to be part of the school. Everyone always has options.

There is a time for disappointment and a time to move on

High school students dealing with college rejection may be feeling stressed because they think they are not good enough. Lisa Sohmer, college counselor from New York, talked to NBC News and explained that some schools have the most supply of qualified students. Thus, sometimes there is not enough room for the others but it does not mean that these denied students are not good enough. By accepting the fact that 'feeling rejected is normal', a person can be more feasible and move on.

Your dream is more important than the dream college

College rejection does not mean the end of passion. In fact, it is still the most important thing in life. By being open to other college opportunities and being passionate about your dream - it should come as your top priority.

The Forbes shared a story written by Jason Ma about pursuing the dream instead of focusing on the dream college itself. A college is the place to meet new friends, broaden your mind and open your ways to grow your academic knowledge, social network and even spiritual virtue - which certainly are more exciting than the idea of getting into a dream college.

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