Syberia Comeback Release Date, Features: 'Syberia 3' Trailer Leaks How Next Generation Adventure Game Is Shaping Up! [Preview]


Four years ago when Microids first announced that it had begun working on the third part of the point-and-click adventure series, it is now confirmed through an interesting trailer that "Syberia 3" is coming out on December 1.

Through its official page, "Syberia 3" also revealed the next generation in adventure games. It will take gamers inside an enthralling, mysterious universe full of life to be explored in 3D. Inhabited by a cast of interesting characters, players may plunge into the center of a world and experience a wonderful tale as imagined by its illustrator Benoit Sokal.

According to PC Gamer, the game begins with Kate Walker's rescue by the Youkols, the nomadic group she met in "Syberia 2." She decides to help them and join them ahead of their common enemy as they march the snow ostriches on their passage to the holy steppes, where they will reproduce. Although the setting seems to sound like National Geographic production, Microids insisted that "Syberia 3" will be Walker's "most dangerous and wonderful" adventure to date. 

It will also revolutionize the setting as it will be rendered in full 3D. It will once again incorporate the musical genius of composer Inon Zur, the same composer for Syberia 2 back in 2004. Zur has recently written the soundtracks for Fallout 4, Dragon Age 2 and Dragon's Dogma, PC Gamer added.

For fans seeking for further and upcoming announcement, Syberia 3 website is not in existing yet. But there is a Steam page which will, for the meantime, give the basics. For the meantime, these are the features to watch out for:

  • A brand new tale, completely different from the first two Syberia games. 
  • Exceptionally immersive storytelling, multiplied by Benoit Sokal's unparalleled artistic direction 
  • Explore Benoit Sokal's poetic universe in 3D for the first time 
  • Original score by Inon Zur (Syberia 2, Fallout, Dragon Age, Prince of Persia) 
  • Original, real-time 3D puzzles and mysteries


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