‘Homefront The Revolution’ Review: What Could Its Cryptic Ending Credits Mean?; The Verdict; What’s Next? [VIDEO]


It may take several delays and long postponements but "Homefront: The Revolution" is finally out and making waves. The game has its US release on Tuesday and hit Europe the following day, since then many gamers people have already finished it. And at the ending credits roll, a heartfelt yet cryptic message appears from studio head Hasit Zala.

The message begins with, according to a Forbes' review: Homefront gone through development for over four years. The game has gone to several reboots to release after its original developer closed down then moved to troubled THQ and doomed Crytek until finally finding its way to Deep Silver. All in all, "Homefront: The Revolution" undergone changes three times and suffered a long delay before its finally released PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC this week.

The Verdict

"Homefront: The Revolution" reviews looms to 5 to 6 out of ten from most of the reviewers and that perhaps is the saddest thing about. Although it is not buggy and ran smoothly, it lacked the drive for gamers to continue. It missed the excitement. The guns are cool while the lone vehicle maneuvers easily yet there is no moment which feels reaching for something more than a check-the-boxes open-world shooter. A successful insurgency can possibly swing the players to its favor if arguments for why things can be better from fancy ideals. This is known in the city of Philadelphia but Homefront's Philadelphia phase seemed to be laid down for the British instead of coming through another collection mission, cited in a Forbes' review.

What's Next?

What would determine if "Homefront: The Revolution" will have a sequel. But its Nottingham-based developer Dambuster seemed to already pushing plans for its future, PC Gamer said. Citing the cryptic ending credits Zala said, "To create a game of this size and complexity with a relatively small team is a remarkable achievement," Then he ends by saying that Homefront is "just the beginning".

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