Apple 'iPhone' 2017 Rumors: Brand New Design, Much More Expensive?


Apple "iPhone" 2017 rumors could never be this shocking. After a patent filed by the tech giant, the rumor leads to these two questions: A brand new casing design and a much more expensive price?

So far, Apple "iPhone" rumors revolve around the "iPhone 7" release date but a recent rumor on the tech giant update might be more interesting to follow.

According to University Herald,  this year, Apple "iPhone 7" is set to launch in September and before the public has a clue on its release date, another Apple "iPhone" rumor leaks on the new, redesigned casing. iPhone 2017 is said to have glass casing. It will shift from metal casing to brand new glass-based design.

An interview with Allen Horng from Apple's major supplier, Catcher company, talked about Apple's new glass-based material. According to Business Insider, Horng mentioned about an "iPhone" with glass casing will be produced next year.

Furthermore, Horng explained that this new glass-based design might not happen to "iPhone 7" but it could happen in "iPhone" 2017. Another comment he made on Apple Insider also said that glass based might be expensive to manufacture given the complex use of technology in the production.

According to 9to5 Mac, Apple filed patent on 'bezel-free' technology in March 2015 and published it this year. With this in mind, it might not be that soon to produce such device on within a year. Thus, Horng analysis of a brand new casing coming out next year might be true.

Another explanation from KGI Securities analyst describes that the new model is a major revamp that might also implement OLED panel to replace LCD. Glass casing will be heavier than metal frame, according to the source. Apple could be cutting the metal material up to 40 percent.

This might hint a speculation that Apple "iPhone" 2017 may not be producing glass-based casing design for "iPhone 8". It could be released in limited edition, which the analyst describes as a "Pro".

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