Four Android N: Features Better than Apple iOS?

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Android N features were announced at Google I/O 2016 and they are better than Apple iOS.

After hearing Google keynote presentation at the annual I/O, the tech company has unveiled Android N capabilities, according to the CNET report. Here is a comprehensive list of what Android N has to offer, and this version of platform is way much better than iOS!

Android N "Instant App Launcher"

"Instant App Launcher" is the new feature Google brings to the App Store. Users can have a chance to test-drive some apps without even installing them first to their Android smartphones. This idea is something that Apple iOS does not have because people have to download the app first in order to try it out. It seems that Google has been listening to the concerns addressed by Android users.

Android N supports multi-window

Apple's new iOS 9 allows users to split the view but apparently it can only happen to iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. However, Android N is much more user-friendly with multi-window feature being introduced to all Android smartphones and tablets, Slash Gear has learned. And even the Android TV update includes the feature alongside many other impressive enhancements, University Herald reported. It is a convenient feature since users can open two apps at the same time and interactively drag-drop between both screens.

Android N "VR Mode"

Virtual Reality is actually real in Google Android platform. It would be better if Apple does the same thing to optimize its iPhone. VR Mode is designed for VR experience in Android smartphones. It can display pixels, read sensors, and give users better visual experience.

Android N "Quick Setting"

iOS may already have this typical feature called "Control Center" but it has limited number of app shortcuts, according to iPhone Hacks. The Android N "Quick Setting" lets users to customize and rearrange shortcuts, plus, removing the unused apps in one tap. In addition, "Quick Settings" allow Android users to have more than one page of shortcuts. Although this is not a major change, everything that makes life less miserable is acceptable.

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