'College Football Playoff' Latest News & Updates: 'Big 12' Expansion Could Improve Odds, 'Pac 12' Makes Fans Frustrated


"College Football Playoff" is not taking a break breaking headlines: A research equates a potential move for "Big 12" expansion by adding a conference championship game that could improve its odds of placing a team in the playoffs. Meanwhile, "Pac 12" is having some woes with College Football Playoff fans.

Big 12 Faces Expansion Odds

A research from Navigate Research shows that Big 12 has at least a 10 to 15 percent better chance of CFP feat if it executes these steps: 1) have two additional teams, 2) reduce its nine-game conference schedule to eight-game schedule and 3) come up with a conference championship.

Whether Big 12 is pushing through the expansion and do this only raised more questions than answers. Some asked, Is there anyone the Big 12 could add that would justify dividing the pie 12 ways? Others even questioning the survey, how accurate is a research based on just two years of CFP history? Meanwhile, according to CBS Sports, one of the expansion's vocal proponents, Oklahoma president David Boren, seemed to have changed his tune by Friday.

But in the last five years of college sports conference step, they have hold on to the golden rule: If it makes cents, it makes sense. From there, answers could be plucked out.

Pac 12 Networks Make Fans Frustrated

Commissioner Larry Scott's address ended on some disappointing points last Thursday afternoon, according to Arizona Daily Star. Resulting to the probable fall-out of $1.5 million payout per school from Pac-12 Networks is lagging behind the Big Ten and SEC.

Pac-12 Networks still isn't on DirecTV. Its subscription just registered about 12 million households compare to more than 60 million each of Big Ten and SEC networks. With these, Pac-12 schools and fans are beginning to be frustrated, Forbes reported.

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