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'Fallout 4' DLC Updates: ‘Far Harbor’ Launches In A Few Hours ; Bethesda Releases New Clip [VIDEO]


"Fallout 4" will showcase the launch of "Far Harbor," its new FLC expansion in a few hours, together with a new clip featuring the new monsters, weapons and armor.

The games developer, Bethesda will be launching its forthcoming DLC "Far Harbor" on May 19 as gamers are not given details on how to download the large expansion on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

"Far Harbor" is launching at midnight and players can see it via Steam for Xbox One, PC, Xbox Live and the PS4's PSN, however, in order to be sure that they can download it, they should have the most current patch "Fallout 4" updates. After installing DLC, gamers need to play "Fallout 4" and browse the main menu for the add-ons section. If the DLC is not yet installed, just try to restart the system and check all connections. Fans can begin playing "Far Harbor" by checking their details and quest journal on who and where they need to see and go, Forbes reported.

On the other news, "Fallout 4" developer, Bethesda featured the latest clip for " Far Harbor" via streaming. The game developers discuss the new features of the upcoming expansion, from its people, city, environment, monsters, new weapons to armor, that gamers will face while playing. DLC "Far Harbor" is shown to have a large landmass in which players can move freely the huge horizon from harbor, mountains and swamps. Children of Atom and a group of synths will also meet the gamers in the said expansion, Polygon reported.

The new weapons that is being launched in "Far Harbor "are range of weapons like the Lever Action Rifle, Harpoon Gun and meat hook for melee. The Marine Combat Armor will also be in the game, which is said to be the most powerful armor in "Fallout 4" today.

As for the new monsters in the "Far Harbor," there will be Gulper, a new mutated monster, Angler, a dangerous amphibian and a monster which is larger than Deathclaw, named Fog Crawler.

"Fallout 4" is presently playable in Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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