American Students Threatened Using Yeti: Leads To Dismissal of Six District Schools [NEWS]


American students were threatened after a video posted in social media app, Yeti, alerted Ohio University.

The police confirmed that the death threat video was anonymously posted in the location-based app and Ohio University has quickly learned about it despite saying it is not credible. There were six school districts in the southeast area dismissed closed due to the threat, News Max has learned.

At 5 a.m the threat was found by the officials but they did not explain further how it got into it. The person that posted video threat addressed to the campus community was still unclear. After notifying the officials, the threat has been investigated since then. FBI also took care of the issue and alerted school districts to be closed on Friday. The areas included Nelsonville York Local, Athens City, Trimble Local, Tri-Country and Alexander Local, according to Fox8 News.

The Ohio University Police also tweeted a statement regarding the anonymous threat.

The university also sent audio message, notifying parents that there would be a respond to the threat to American students, but within a short term range, as announced by Tom Gibbs, Athens School superintendent.

The message said that the police was aware of the threat made against students despite unable to share any more news regarding the issue because when the threat was revealed, the police felt the need to tell parents even before looking further into it. The official assured to keep the guard up for the safety of all, as reported by the Inquistr.

The university still held the graduation ceremony on Friday and Saturday albeit threat to American students; with thousands of graduates went through extra security check that involved the FBI. The law enforcement worked together with FBI to further investigate the video threat. The campus community has many foreign students and teachers and with the scheduled graduation ceremony, the death threat seems not to greatly impact the university.

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