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Are Older Academics Past Their Productive Peak?; Find Out More How Academics Shape The World Today


Just recently this year, two academic students that studied from Concordia University from Canada made headlines by having a paper indicating that age has a negative effect on the publication of researchers' papers.

The paper entitled, "How to Boost Scientific Production? A Statistical Analysis of Research Funding and Other Influencing Factors" has written that citations published tend to minimize as time goes by, as reported by

The same publication also reported that the popularity of papers increase after 12 years since the publication of the first paper. The paper further explains this phenomenon, saying:

"Considering the fact that funding is usually more biased towards senior researchers, we need to...highlight the importance of more equal funding distribution among young and senior researchers."

The complaints came from the Nobel laureate Brian Schmidt, a nobel laureate and vice chancellor of the Australian National University. Australian National University donates majority of their funds to to academic professionals past 50 years of age. This was done so even though the productivity apex of researchers is usually earlier in time that occurs.

However, each would have his/her own opinion of how and when the peak of academic years occur. Each person believes every individual grows at his/her own pace when handling the maturity of their academic capabilities and talents.

There have been scientific research, though, that creativity comes at the easiest at young age. This means that people find it easier to work on something complicated (since that is also in line with creativity) and interesting the younger they are, or the more they are at the peak of their lifestyle where youth dominates, as reported in

Hence, many scientists, poets, and other creative and intelligent people start their careers in their younger years. These people are aware to never let opportunities past, when they coming knocking on the door.

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