Cuban Academic Fired for Unauthorized Information Leaks; Fidel Castro Thinks His Time Has Come


The Cuba best-known academic and economist fired for sharing information with the United States without authorization.

Omar Everleny Perez is dismissed from the University of Havana for allegedly violating the rules. Perez, an economic reform advocate in Cuba, has said to share critical information with the United States without permission.

According to an article in the US News, the Associated Press reached Perez for comment and the economy expert admitted his dismissal. University director, Humberto Blanco, who sent a letter of dismissal mentioned about Perez having a conversation with American institutions without authorization. Perez informed the representatives about internal issues in the university.

The allegations described Perez as 'irresponsible'. The 56-year-old government consultant was said to receive funds to analyze South Korean economy. According to Perez himself, he believes that the Cuban authorities do not like his critical thinking - which is a strong reason of his dismissal.

Perez career as a consultant highlighted some of significant decisions made by the government, including legalizing new private businesses, and limiting regulations for foreign investment. He also opened opportunities for small farmers by letting them handle unused lands for agricultural industry. According to the Guardian, Perez often visits the state on behalf of his university.

Cuba has been growing its room for debate since Raul Castro ruling the country. However, many of intellectuals who offend the government and political systems have been reportedly dismissed from their jobs. 

Before the dismissal occurred, Bruno Rodriguez, Cuba Foreign Minister, voiced his disagreement towards Obama's visit to the country. He said that the US is an enemy that attacks the country culture and political ideas.

The firing of Cuban economist may be a resemblance of not-so-chill relations between the US and Cuba, as reported by MiamiHerald. Castro doubted the fact that albeit the improvement, the US won't apply any political change in the future.

As for the world,  people are stunned by how Fidel Castro predicts his own death, saying that it would be one of the last times he spoke at the Communist Party Congress. The president's brother turns 90 this year and his statement became a trending topic alongside the Perez's firing. 

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