University Of Texas Regents Hint Change In Campus Carry Rules Citing Faculty Concerns!


Texas is on the verge of becoming the ninth state to permit licensed holders to carry guns on campus, however the University of Texas System's regents are struggling to find an answer to one looming question: Can faculty prohibit guns from their offices?

The flagship campus in Austin saw the most controversial proposals that allowed concealed handgun license holders to carry their weapons into classrooms but not dormitories. Not only the concealed handgun license holders will be banned from keeping a bullet in the chamber of a semi-automatic weapon but they also need to have their guns holstered.

Citing concerns that some concealed handguns might actually be too restrictive, The University of Texas System's regents on Thursday, May 12 postponed any action until they meet again in July, according to reports on The Christian Science Monitor.

Regents were expected to give the green light to new rules for guns on their 14 campuses. On the contrary, they not only raised concerns about the proposed protocols but also hinted intend to try and alter them, specifically at the flagship UT-Austin.

In a discussion that lasted for about 45 minutes, regents seemed stuck with debating over concerns such as bullets in gun chambers, trigger guards and most importantly, if and how faculty should be able to restrict weapons in their offices.

Apparently, every regent had a different opinion, thus making a general agreement out of range.

As a conclusion, the regents postponed a vote on the issue and will follow through in July, reports ABC News.

"Let's handle this issue collectively and resolve all of the issues with thorough investigation," Regent Jeffrey Hildebrand noted.

The issue stems from the campus carry law (Senate Bill 11) that was passed during the 2015 Legislative session and is expected to take effect August 1. The law allows anyone with a concealed handgun license to carry the weapon on public college campuses across the state.

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