Instagram iOS Apps Receive A Cosmetic Overhaul; But Why The Internet Is Not Pleased?


All Instagram's apps now flaunt "flat" icon designs that perfectly blends with the look of recent versions of iOS, which have angled off from skeuomorphism. In addition to the company's flagship, other titles that received updates include Layout, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse.

While Layout is used to build collages, Boomerang creates quick looping videos. Except for the core Instagram app, none of the other titles received an actual interface remodeling though.

Besides flaunting a brand new flat look in style, the new altered interface sports a simpler design, something meant to highlight photos and videos in a user's news feed, reports Apple Insider.

The app's icon earlier resembled old "toy" cameras.

The Instagram community has come a long way over the past five years, evolving from a mere mobile photo-sharing app to so much more - "a global community of interests" that share more than a staggering 80 million photos and videos daily.

The enhance look mirrors the diversity of Instagram user's storytelling, the online photo-sharing giant said in a blog post.

Although most of these alterations were well-received by Instagram users, it looks like the internet is not pleased with one aspect of the cosmetic overhaul the app received Wednesday.

Instagram got rid of its old-timey camera icon and replaced it with what looks like a square symbol that simulate a camera, presented in eloquent colors and simple lines of the flat design aesthetic. Many users dubbed the sleek, minimalist design as basic.

In a blog post, Instagram said simplicity was actually the goal. The new logo mirrors the app's unbelievable growth in popularity over the past five years.

Despite Instagram's efforts to promote its new logo, the internet is simply not buying it.

The logo's color scheme was particularly criticized. Several users felt the square-shaped camera icon resembled something that could've been designed in a Microsoft program from the 1990s.

What do you think about Instagram's latest update? Do you think they could have done a better job designing the new logo? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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