Wesley College Racially-Charged Cartoon Backlash [UPDATE]: Editorial Defends Cartoonist Bryheim Muse

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"The Whetstone" Editor Brandon Smith fared in the issue and wrote an editorial dated April 22 where he cited the racial divide on campus. He said the cartoons were perhaps intended in a way to send a message on black people's struggle. 

Smith believes he knows what kind of message Muse is sending. He further explained that it's like his opinion. And like everyone knows, as a student organ, "The Whetstone" is about voicing opinions and how one feels, he wrote.

The first cartoon features a caricature of a black woman protester of the Black Lives Matter saying, "Would you look at the time... I'm late for my abortion" while wearing a shirt that reads. The second drawing depicts a gardening hoe asking a black man "Who is you calling a hoe?" "I'm sorry ma'am, you just look like a hoe," the man in the cartoon responded, Huffington Post reported.

While, the pictures drawn by Bryheim Muse, a black man are seen by other students as a joke, others found it sexist and racist. In a statement sent to The Huffington Post by Shaylynn Bivens, vice president of the university's black student union, discussed about the unfair nature of the drawings, especially when a racial divide has been existent in the campus.

To address the backlash, the administration and newspaper hosted a forum led by the newspaper's editor-in-chief Kristen to discuss the concerns surrounding the cartoon issue.

However, student Tiffany Griffin unsatisfied with the forum's outcome. So she, along with Bivens and Damyra Price, created a list of demands which they plan to elevate to the University President's office through a meeting.

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For everyone's knowledge, Griffin tweeted the letter they submitted to Clark. Here's what she said:

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