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Academia Finds New Arena In Twitterverse As #AdviceForYoungAcademics Trends


Amid twitter's notoriety for being a time leech for procrastinators, the social platform has found respectable audience dissolve this stigma. It is now a valuable avenue for young people to get in touch with successful career scholars and their excellent contributions in their specific fields.

The more young seekers try to connect with people on top of the game and find access to their portfolios, the higher their work trend in a wider audience. Since this trend began, many lecturer and academics have engaged in the discussion by giving out their most essential contributions in the growing interaction, professional advices.

In Twitter, when a popular word or phrase attains a significant amount of mentions, they start "trending."This means, they will show up in a table that shows what popular topics people discuss to which members may contribute.

On February, the hashtag #AdviceForYoungJournalists began trending. Later on, Times Higher Education (THE) started encouraging users to turn the conversation topic to  #AdviceForYoungAcademics. So, the THE-initiated twitter trend took off.

Though the hashtag fails to enter the trending chart, it has become a staple 'go-to' discussion link to most of the young professionals. Daily tweets have been associated with the hashtag and has become the Agora of Twitterverse where concerned parties offer tips, select reading materials and opportunities to the scholars, young and old alike. Tweets are often serious and fully loaded with information, sometimes linked to an article while some are stuff to lighten up the day.

So to get you acquainted, here are some tweets to ponder:

Our goal is not to publish as many articles as we can, but to discover and disseminate truth: #adviceforyoungacademics - Martin Wagner (@martiwag) March 7, 2015

Caroline Magennis, Lecturer in 20th and 21st Classic Literature at School of Arts and Media at the University of Salford, shared about,

From Chris Goodman, Assistant Professor of Public Administration at The School of Public Administration at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO),

Libby Hogan said,

For TG Baudson a visiting Professor at Essen University,

And here's another one,

John Canning, Senior Lecturer at University of Brighton was serious with,

Jesse Benn is brave,

This one must be taken lightly,

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