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Smartphone Addiction Rampant; Half of US Teens Say They Are Addicted To Their Mobile Devices [VIDEO]


A survey revealed that smartphone addiction is rampant. Half of the US teens say that they are addicted to their mobile devices and almost 60 percent of their parents who participated in the survey say that they agree and that they are addicted as well.

In today's world of immediate online connectivity, researchers from Common Sense Media published the results of their research on the effects of smartphone addiction among teens. The survey taken from more than a thousand teens and parents looked at smartphone addiction and internet reliance.

They found that half of teens that participated say that they have smartphone addiction and almost 60 percent of parents agree. More than 70 percent of teens and almost 50 percent of parents say that they have a need to always reply at text messages, social media notifications and other apps. Furthermore, researchers also found that almost 80 percent of teens and more than 60 percent of parents always check their devices every hour.

Common Sense Media CEO and founder James Steyer said that smartphone addiction and constant use of mobile devices have changed family interaction, Tech Times noted. The rampant use of the internet through smartphone addiction can have dire consequences in children and teen learning and development.

An expert told Medical Daily that having an online social network on the internet is important to teens. When these privileges are taken away, there will be a strain in the relationship of parents and teens. However, parents can establish limits to curb some of their smartphone addiction. It is recommended that parents set family activity time that doesn't revolve or require technology. Simple activities such as taking walks, eating together or having old fashion fun outdoors can help lessen smartphone addiction.

What are your thoughts on smartphone addiction and constant reliance on the internet and technology? Comment your thoughts below.

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