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'Hearthstone' Offers 13 Packs Boosters Before 'Old Gods' Release; Here's How To Get The Entire Pack [WATCH]


"Hearthstone will offer gamers up to 13 new "Whispers of the Old Gods" booster packs this week. The boosters will be released during the game's event. The announcement was made during a "Hearthstone liverstream and later on AdamNW, a Reddit user, hinted that there are some stages to earn before gamers could have an access to the entire complementary packs.

The much anticipated "Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft" expansion, "Whispers of the Old Gods" is set to launch by the end of April, and gamers can grab 13 expansion cards for free. These 13 complementary expansion cards were hinted on Aprill 22 during the "Whispers of the Old Gods" Livestream. These free expansions are seen as Blizzard's giveaway to gamers who are seeking for a good reason to stay playing the famous video game, Tech Time reported.

Here is how gamers could get full access of the 13 expansion packs, according to AdamNW, IGN reported.

  •  Login to the "Hearthstone" for those who are in North America on April 26 and Asia, Australia and Europe on April 27, they could instantly get 3 packs.
  •  Play and complete a quest to get two games in the new Standard form, they will get 5 packs.
  •  Play and complete a quest to win 7 more games in Standard, they will get 5 packs after completing the game.

Logging into "Hearthstone" when the opening week commence will also give the gamers a C'Thun a new legendary card. Together with two more cards. Although, it is not yet confirmed whether those 5 expansion pack missions will be extended outside of "Hearthstone's" launch week, until now Blizzard has not yet cleared this matter.

For gamers to have a glimpse of what they could get in those expansions here are some of it: Druid Cards, Hunter Cards, Mage Cards, Paladin Cards, Priest Cards, Rogue Cards and Shaman Cards. Together with the new cards, some will have a new look after the developer confirms some changes with the game. "Whispers of the Old Gods" has 134 new cards, with a Lovecraftian theme.

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