'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release News, Update & Rumors: Square Enix Game Pushed To 2017 Release? Avengers, Star Wars To Be Featured?


"Kingdom Hearts 3" is a video game that is highly enjoyed especially by young students and gamers. However, Square Enix announced that they are encountering numerous productuon challenges that the release date may be pushed back a little more next year.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Production Delays?

Christian Times points out that the "Kingdom Hearts 3" team is encountering some problems with production. It was made more notable when voice actor Quinton Flynn posted on Twitter talking about when he would record the voice for Axel, his character in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The voice actor of Pooh and Tigger, Jim Cummings has been already called to finish recording, News Everyday shares. Kingdom Hearts 3 was previously thought to be released this year, however, reports suggests that the delays in production could well predict that the game will take a few more months to finish. The release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 would inevitably be pushed back for a year or two.

Crossmap adds more evidence that "Kingdom Hearts 3" release will be delayed. Square Enix's schedule says that the release of Final Fantasy XV later this year will lead them to allot less time to the production of Kingdom Hearts 3. For marketing and practical purposes, it is also highly unlikely that the company will release the two together.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" To Have Avengers, Star Wars?

While the expected delay could sadden many fans, Square Enix could take the opportunity to insert "Avengers" and "Star Wars" characters in Kingdom Hearts 3. The Bit Bag previously reported that Square Enix confirmed that Avengers and Star Wars will be part of the "Kingdom Hearts 3 world." The outlet reported that Sora, Goofy and Donald will travel to New York to encounter the Avengers. For "Star Wars", Sora will engage with characters and events before the "Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens" timeline. However, it looks to be an April Fools prank.

Movie News Guide shares that there is no word or confirmation that either worlds are possible to be included in Kingdom Hearts 3 at this point. There is still no definite release date announced either.

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