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Having caught your own Pichu and using him to battle numerous times but he does not evolve? Check out this easy guide to evolving your Pichu to your own Pikachu.

Have you ever tried catching your own Pikachu in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" frantically searching all over the various Alola Islands to no avail? An easier way would be to catch a Pichu and evolving it to a Pikachu. However, you will soon discover that no matter how much you level up your Pichu, he just won't evolve.

Pay attention to hidden stats

Pichu is different between many "Pokemon Sun and Moon" creatures, simply leveling up the Pokemon will not make him evolve much like Munchlax. The secret, according to blogger Kyle Hanson of Attackofthefanboy is to find and focus on the Pokemon's hidden stat.

The key to evolution

Munchlax's hidden stat requires him to be happy to evolve. This concept also applies to Pichu in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Keeping Pichu with you at all times, caring for him, and generally treating him right will make him happy and eventually will reward you by evolving into Pikachu.

Road to happiness

Now that we have detailed the two factors to watch for, here are ways in which to make your Pichu evolve faster in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." According to Polygon, Pichu, Munchlax, and Eevee are Pokemon types that require a high level of affection before they can evolve into Pikachu, Snorlax, Espeon, or Umbreon, respectively.

Reddit user Leafeon111 shared his own formula that he claims is a faster way that he used to increase happiness for his Pichu.

1. Find two Technical Machines (TM) your Pokemon can learn

2. Replace one of the Pokemon's moves with one TM

3. Replace the move taught with one TM with the other TM

4. Repeat step three for five to 10 minutes

5. Level up your Pokemon

This method works according to the report. Pokemon trainers have newly evolved Pikachu in no time. However, if the above method does not work too well for you, you can also try other methods. Keep your Pichu well fed with berries, make him wear the Soothe Bell, keep him on your team, and to use in battle, just make sure never to let him faint.

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