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Russell Westerholm


NCAA Legislation Council to Allow Division I Student-Athletes Access to Unlimited Meal Plans

Apr 16, 2014 AM EDT The largest governing body in college sports approved a proposal Tuesday that will give Division I student-athletes, walk-on or under scholarship, an unlimited meal plan. ...


Marijuana Physically Alters the Brain Even For 'Casual' Users

Apr 16, 2014 AM EDT A new study has found that casual marijuana use - a relatively un-touched research topic - can alter important portions of the human brain. ...

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston Sexual Assault Case Put Under the New York Times' Microscope: Top 5 Excerpts From a New Investigative Piece

Apr 16, 2014 AM EDT Whether Jameis Winston is guilty or innocent of rape may one day be determined, but until then, the New York Times has determined the police let the accuser down. ...

Electronic Cigarette

Lawmakers Urge FDA to Act Quicker in Regulating E-Cigarette Marketing Amid Concerns They Appeal to Minors

Apr 15, 2014 PM EDT A new report reinforces what others have said about electronic cigarettes, their marketing appeals to young people and it needs to be regulated. ...

Gary Harris

Gary Harris NBA Draft Stock: MSU Guard Confirms He Will Declare for June's Pro Draft

Apr 15, 2014 PM EDT Gary Harris, Michigan State's standout guard, has confirmed he will forgo two years of college eligibility to declare for the NBA Draft this June. ...

Arne Duncan

U.S. Education Department Predicts Massive Profit From Student Loans, Why Some Borrower Advocates Are Worried

Apr 15, 2014 PM EDT The U.S. Department of Education is turning in a major profit and has forecast making about $127 billion over the next decade from federal student loan borrowers. ...

Formation of Saturn's Moon Peggy

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Spots Moon Forming Near Saturn's A Ring

Apr 15, 2014 PM EDT NASA believes it is witnessing the birth of a new moon near Saturn, an event that could also provide insight to the formation of the planet's existing moons. ...


Air Pollution in Asia is Causing Storms in the Pacific to Grow Bigger and Stronger, New Study Finds

Apr 15, 2014 AM EDT Air pollution has become so severe, scientists find, that it is adversely affecting storms and weather patterns in other parts of the world. ...

Mark Emmert

NCAA Urges College Presidents to Stand With Them in Opposing Student-Athlete Unions

Apr 15, 2014 AM EDT The NCAA has asked the leaders of schools around the nation to publicly oppose athletic unions and discourage them at their institutions. ...

Flacon 9 Rocket

SpaceX Delays ISS Resupply Mission Once Again; Spacewalk Set to Go Tuesday Regardless

Apr 15, 2014 AM EDT SpaceX's next trip to the International Space Station (ISS) is getting even more complicated as the launch will once again be delayed. ...


Google Purchases Titan Aerospace, the Drone Maker Facebook Intended to Buy

Apr 15, 2014 AM EDT Google has snatched Titan Aerospace right from under Facebook's nose and purchased the drone maker for an undisclosed amount. ...

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston Admits to Sometimes Being 'Drained' From Playing Baseball and Football; QB/Closer Says He 'Loves It'

Apr 14, 2014 PM EDT Jameis Winston's schedule is about to get a little busier and Florida State's baseball and football coaches will need to keep a close eye on the two-sport athlete's arm. ...

King Joffrey Baratheon

Who Killed Joffrey Baratheon? Purple Wedding Murder Conspiracy Solved; (SPOILERS)

Apr 14, 2014 PM EDT The Game of Thrones whodunit might be over before the Purple Wedding has even had 24 hours to marinate on the Internet. ...

Kevin Ware

Kevin Ware Confirms He is Transferring to Georgia State, Thanks Louisville Supporters

Apr 14, 2014 PM EDT The junior guard confirmed to ESPN over the weekend that he will transfer to Georgia Tech. Ware and his family visited the school and committed to the transfer during the trip. ...

Climate change

IPCC Report 2014: U.N. Climate Change Panel Urges Instant Action From World Leaders to Curb Global Warming

Apr 14, 2014 PM EDT The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned world leaders that even immediate action will have a relatively small impact. ...

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