University of Houston Faculty Senate Presentation: Don't 'Go There' With People Who Might Be Carrying (READ)


As a public school in Texas, the University of Houston will have to adopt a concealed firearm carry policy and is already prepping for how to act around people who may or may not have a gun on their person.

At a recent meeting with various UH faculty, the school's Faculty Senate president, Jonathan Snow, gave a PowerPoint presentation with instructions on how to handle the new concealed carry law, Senate Bill 11.

The Chronicle of Higher Education obtained the full version of the slide show, but one slide in particular was widely circulated on Twitter. UH stated it did not sanction the slideshow and is still awaiting its working group's recommendations for a concealed carry policy.

Much of Snow's presentation focused on not escalating potentially contentious situations, avoiding certain topics of classroom discussions, and guidelines for asking people whether or not they are carrying a concealed weapon. The Chronicle has a link to download the slideshow (Microsoft PowerPoint required), but here are a few excerpts.

  •  "NON-CHL students may have questions regarding campus carry. It is important to answer those questions truthfully and minimize anxiety."
  •  "Make clear that any reveal will be dealt with severely: Concealed is concealed."
  •  Slide titled "FS Recommends NOT TO
    •  Make provocative statements
    •  Make up cute signs
    •  It's in your interest and the University's interest to be very guarded and careful about this issue.
  •  Slide titled "You may want to"
    •  Be careful discussing sensitive topics
    •  Drop certain topics from your curriculum
    •  Not "go there" if you sense anger
    •  Limit student access off hours
    •  Go to appointment-only office hours
    •  Only meet "that student" in controlled circumstances
  •  Slide title "Arguments" outlined "poor," "better," "OK," "good," "excellent," and "obscure" examples of statements to give students with questions or concerns about the CHL.

Like the state of Texas' flagship university system, UH has no choice by to adopt a campus carry policy that goes into effect this August. The University of Texas - Austin made it clear it too opposed the bill, but abided by it nonetheless. Most higher education in Texas has been critical of the bill, but it is only the private schools that have been able to act on their opposition.

In addition to being UH's Faculty Senate president, Snow is also a member of the working group appointed to craft the concealed carry policy, The Houston Chronicle reported. He said SB 11 is already inciting contention between faculty members, and UH does not even have a policy for it yet.

"The faculty are increasingly unhappy with the law," he told the UH Board of Regents last week. "I've been screamed at. I've been accused of complicity. It's been kind of rough."

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