SpaceX Cancels SES-9 Launch a 3rd Time in 5 Days

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

For the third time in five days, SpaceX was unable to get its Falcon 9 rocket off the ground, though this time the company got so far as lighting the engines.

According to USA Today, SpaceX will not attempt to launch its rocket again before Tuesday as they conduct a review. The company has been trying to launch a satellite for the private Luxembourg-based company SES.

"We don't have another launch date planned at the moment," John Insprucker, a SpaceX product director for the Falcon 9 rocket, said during the launch's webcast, per "We're going to have to continue to evaluate the first-stage telemetry that we have.

"The Falcon 9 is safe; the vehicle went through a standard recovery sequence that we've used many times."

SpaceX hopes to land this rocket after it launches and sends its cargo into orbit. Though the company has finally managed to do so on land, they have been unsuccessful in three attempts to do so on an ocean-based landing pad. SpaceX has not set a new date for the SES-9 mission launch.

The second launch cancellation was considered last minute, but Sunday's cancellation came after the engines ignited and the countdown to launch was all but finished.

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