Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Engineers Control Water Using Light [Video]

Apr 27, 2017 PM EDT The system can help separate water from oil, which is helpful during emergencies at drilling rigs.

Astronomers Discover GJ 1132b Planet With Earth-like Atmosphere [VIDEO]

Apr 07, 2017 AM EDT The Earth-like planter, GJ 1132b was discovered using the GROND imager telescope at the European Southern Observatory in Chile.

Stanford And University Of Calgary Researchers Map Saltwater Intrusion In California Coast

Mar 15, 2017 AM EDT Researchers identify which parts of Monterey Bay has been infiltrated by seawater.

Irish University-Led Study Offers Alternative Option On How Earth's Water Was Formed

Feb 06, 2017 AM EST The waters on Earth may have been created within the planet's mantle.

Drinking Water In Houston Went Into Discoloration: Academics In the University of Houston Cautioned Students! [VIDEO]

Sep 22, 2016 PM EDT The tap water in the University of Houston campuswide discolored, alarming academics of possible contamination. Investigations and tests are being done while officials await test results.

MIT Solve 2016: The Program Focuses On Addressing The World's Most Dire Issues In It’s Second Year!

Jul 11, 2016 AM EDT Massachusetts Institute Of Technology's Solve program divulged its preliminary schedule of activities for fall this year and spring 2017. Solve is an ongoing MIT-based program that aims to find ...

UEA Students Urge Public to Pee in Shower to Save Water

Oct 14, 2014 AM EDT In an attempt to conserve water for underprivileged communities, two English college students at the University of East Anglia have come up with a unique campaign that would save nearly 200 million ...

Contaminated Water Triggers Pregnancy Complications, Study

Oct 01, 2014 AM EDT Contaminated water leads to pregnancy complications, according to a Boston University School of Public Health study.

Mystery behind How Ancient Marine Reptiles Moved Through Water Solved

Jun 13, 2014 AM EDT Bristol University researchers have found out how ancient marine reptiles navigated through water.

Michigan Researchers Develop Technology That Converts Manure Into Clean Water

May 30, 2014 AM EDT In an attempt to resolve the agricultural problem of manure management, Michigan State University researchers have developed a new technology that extracts clean and drinkable water from manure.

Researchers Fail to Find Link between Poor Mental Health and Fluoridated Water

May 27, 2014 AM EDT Researchers at the University of Otago, New Zealand, disproved claims of poor mental health in children and adults due to fluoridated water.

Brigham Researchers Create “Super-hydrophobic Surface” That Makes Water Droplets Bounce like A Ball (VIDEO)

May 23, 2014 AM EDT Brigham Young University researchers have created a "super-hydrophobic surface" that causes water droplets to bounce like a ball and roll down the surface.

Top 10 Energy Conserving Universities in US and Canada

May 10, 2014 AM EDT Appalachian State University claimed the first spot in the Campus Conservation Nationals 2014 contest, an annual spring competition among colleges in the United States and Canada to save energy and ...

Holy water in Austria Unsafe for Drinking; Contains Fecal and Bacterial Contamination, Study

Sep 14, 2013 AM EDT Almost all the holy water in Austria is impure and may affect a person's health due to bacterial contamination, according to a new study conducted by researchers from the Institute of Hygiene and ...

Boon Archaeologists Discover Mass Grave of Dismembered Skeletons in Mayan City

Sep 12, 2013 AM EDT Archaeologists from the University of Boon have uncovered a 1,400-year-old mass grave in a former water reservoir in the historical Mayan city of Uxul in Mexico.

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