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College Students to Tackle Global Issues in National Model UN Conferences

Feb 10, 2017 PM EST The National Model United Nations is an annual gathering of college students and faculty members. It has several schedules and venues such as New York, DC, Canada and Galapagos.

Michelle Obama 2016: First Lady Champions Education For Girls

Oct 12, 2016 AM EDT On ‘Day of the Girl’, Michelle Obama emphasizes education.

Angelina Jolie Studied To Be A Funeral Director Before She Became Famous

Sep 29, 2016 AM EDT Angelina Jolie had dreams of becoming something else other than being an actress when she was young.

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson Talks About Gender Inequality In Education

Sep 27, 2016 AM EDT Emma Watson champions the United Nations against gender inequality.

Malala Calls on World Leaders Provide Education to Refugee Girls and Save Them from Early Marriage and Child Labor

Sep 22, 2016 AM EDT Malala: do the one thing that will change the future for millions of children

Harry Potter And Hogwartz, Emma Watson And Brown University

Aug 11, 2016 AM EDT Emma Watson is not just Hermione Granger, she is also a Brown alumni.

A US-Based Program To Offer Free Online University Courses For Refugees Worldwide!

Jun 21, 2016 AM EDT Looks like a good news for refugees worldwide as they can now pick from over 1,000 online university courses for absolutely free as part of an endeavor to offer education and skills training under a ...

Iran Underreporting Fish Catches To UN?

Nov 27, 2013 AM EST The United Nations needs to keep a closer watch on Iran as the Persian country is not only underreporting its Uranium reserves but is also hiding its fish catch. Iran is accounted for more than 12,000 ...

Mexico Is the Fattest Country in the World, Study

Jul 10, 2013 AM EDT Mexico has now become the world's fattest country with a 32.8 percent adult obesity rate, surpassing United States' 31.8 obesity rate, according to a study released, June by the United Nations Food ...

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