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Bats Mistake Wind Turbines for Trees; Risk their Lives by Approaching the Spinning Blades, Study

Oct 13, 2014 AM EDT Tree-roosting bats or tree bats mistake wind turbines for trees and end up losing their lives when they come in contact with the spinning blades, according to a study led by the University of Hawaii.

Koalas Hug Trees To Cope With Extreme Heat, Study

Jun 04, 2014 AM EDT Melbourne University researchers have found the reasons behind koalas' tree-hugging behaviour. The marsupial of Australia rests against cooler tree trunks to prevent its body from overheating during ...

Jackdaws Use Bright Eyes to Protect Nests and Ward off Enemies, Study

Feb 06, 2014 AM EST Jackdaws, predominantly found in Europe, North Africa and Western Asia, use their bright white eyes to keep their rivals at bay and to discourage them from coming near their nests.

Greenland May Become Greener Due To Climate Change

Aug 28, 2013 AM EDT By the end of 2100, climate change could transform Greenland into vast swathes of forest land instead of barren ice sheet, according to scientists.

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