University Of Florida Researchers To Bring Back The Tomato's Flavor

Jan 28, 2017 AM EST Researchers may have found a way to make the tomato great again.

Compound Found in Tomato Improves Blood Vessel Function in Heart Disease Patients, Study

Jun 10, 2014 AM EDT Daily intake of lycopene supplements - a compound found in tomatoes and other foods - improves blood vessel function in patients with cardiovascular disease, according to a new study by the University ...

Late Blight Found On Tomato Samples in Indiana; Purdue Experts Warn Plant Growers about This Destructive Disease

Aug 23, 2013 AM EDT The Purdue University Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory (PPDL) are urging tomato growers to inspect their plants for late blight, a destructive disease as they found this fungus like organism on ...

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