Students of Higher Socioeconomic Status More Likely To Use Hookah, Study

Jul 07, 2014 AM EDT While cigarette usage has declined among young people, a latest New York University study has found a high prevalence of hookah among high school seniors at the same time.

ISU Students Sue School over Ban on T-Shirts with Pro-Marijuana Logo

Jul 02, 2014 AM EDT Juniors Paul Gerlich and Erin Furleigh, two Iowa State University students, have filed a federal lawsuit after the school's trademark licensing office prohibited a pro-marijuana group from using the ...

Hillary Clinton’s $225,000 Speaking Fee at UNLV Triggers Uproar among Students

Jul 01, 2014 AM EDT Hillary Clinton's fee for an upcoming talk at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in October has sparked uproar among students.

Oregon Bans Three Ducks Basketball Players over Forcible Rape Allegations (UPDATE)

Jun 24, 2014 AM EDT Three Oregon Ducks men's basketball players have been banned as students for at least four years and maximum of 10 years following forcible rape allegations.

People find it Difficult to Detect Flirtatious Behavior, Study

Jun 18, 2014 AM EDT It is hard for people to detect flirtatious behaviour, according to a new study by the University of Kansas.

Mary Cullinan Named As New President of Eastern Washington University

Jun 17, 2014 AM EDT Mary Cullinan has been chosen as the 26th President of the Eastern Washington University, effective August 1.

NYU Students Design Hoodie That Helps to Send Texts to Family and Friends

Jun 11, 2014 AM EDT Hooded sweatshirts can now help students to send subtle and covert messages to their family and friends without attracting attention.

Australia’s PM Tony Abbott Reveals Reason behind Cancellation of Deakin Visit

May 24, 2014 AM EDT Revealing the reason behind his decision to cancel a visit to Deakin Unviersity's Geelong campus, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that he did not want to give students a chance to protest.

Early Morning Classes Affects Education and Health in Teens, Study

May 07, 2014 AM EDT Early morning classes deprive students from getting sufficient amount of sleep, according to a study by the Education Commission of the States.

SJSU Expels Three Students in Hate Crime against Black Freshman (UPDATE)

May 05, 2014 AM EDT San Jose State University has expelled three students Friday in connection to a racial discrimination against a 17-year-old black freshman.

Plymouth Removes Anti-Cheating Posters for Helping Students Cheat in Math Exam

May 05, 2014 AM EDT Plymouth University’s attempt to discourage cheating in exam rooms by placing anti-cheating posters has backfired. They were in fact helping students to cheat.

Majority Ivy League Students Do Not Consider Study Drugs as Cheating, Study

May 03, 2014 AM EDT Majority of Ivy League students have been found to use study drugs and do not consider it as cheating, according to an American Academy of Paediatrics study.

Notre Dame Orders Removal of Advocates of Traditional Marriage Twice From Campus

May 02, 2014 AM EDT Tradition Family Property Student Action, a conservative Roman Catholic group, has accused Notre Dame University of censorship for removing their pro-traditional marriage table on campus twice, April ...

Pre-Exam Negative Speeches Results in Poorer Performance, Study

Apr 26, 2014 AM EDT Scary tactics actually demotivates students and makes them perform poorly in crucial exams than those pupils who received inspirational words.

Hawaii Students File Lawsuit for Violation of First Amendment Rights

Apr 26, 2014 AM EDT Merritt Burch and Anthony Vizzone, two undergraduate students at University of Hawaii, Hilto filed a lawsuit against school for allegedly violating their freedom of speech.

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