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What Will You Get For Holding Your Smartphone Too Close To Your Face? Crossed-Eye, Says The Experts

Apr 23, 2016 AM EDT The Digital Era is indeed at its peak! Now, children as young as 7, are already hooked up to the devices such as cellphones, IPad, computers, etc. But, as fun as it looks, spending too much time on ...

University of Utah Establishes Asia Campus in South Korea

Feb 26, 2014 AM EST The Korean Ministry of Education has approved the functioning of University of Utah Asia campus in the Incheon Free Economic Zone, about an hour away from Seoul.

Ear Acupuncture Effective In Reducing Bulging Waistline, Study

Dec 17, 2013 AM EST South Korean researchers have found an easy way to shed holiday weight or body fat. No, they are not recommending any new kind of diet chart or exercise regime, but suggesting you prick your ears.

LinkedIn Reduces Age Limit to 14 in US; Introduces ‘University Pages’ To Help Teens with College Hunt

Aug 20, 2013 AM EDT In an attempt to attract more users, especially teens, LinkedIn has drastically dropped its age limit to 14 in the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia and South Korea.

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