Apple Computer Virus: Vicious Malware Freezes PCs, Crashes iTunes & Dupes Users

Jan 09, 2017 AM EST The virus is acquired by visiting a certain website using the Safari browser. The malware causes either of the two actions and to make things worse, dupes users with a fake Apple support number.

Mozilla Launches Firefox Focus for iPhone; Firefox Focus to Compete with Apple Safari Browser?

Nov 18, 2016 AM EST The new browser by default blocks web trackers, including advertising, analytics social networks. It also erases and leaves no traces of the user's browsing history, including user's passwords, ...

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 17, Can It Make Safari Browser Better?

Nov 11, 2016 AM EST The Cupertino-based company has just released a new update for the Safari Technology Preview, the experimental version of the new Safari browser that Apple introduced in March 2016. Apple primarily ...

Twitter News & Update: Twitter Experiments Reader Mode on iOS [VIDEO]

Nov 03, 2016 AM EDT Twitter has been into an experimentation scheme lately, and it involves the Reader feature of its iOS app. Twitter has made the Apple-built Reader feature default for its iOS app, therefore this would ...

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