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Evidence Shows How Exercise Is Useless Against Weight Loss [VIDEO]

Jun 30, 2017 PM EDT A lot of studies gave evidence that exercise does not really do much in battling obesity.

Cambridge Researchers Find No Link between Physical Activity and Depression, Study

Oct 14, 2014 AM EDT Researchers at the University of Cambridge have found no evidence linking physical activity and development of depressive symptoms in adolescence.

Too Much Exercise Is Bad For Health, Study

Aug 16, 2014 AM EDT American researchers have found evidence of an increase in cardiovascular deaths among heart attack survivors, who exercise too much.

African-American Women Avoid Physical Activity Due to Hairstyle Concerns, Study

Aug 01, 2014 AM EDT African American women avoid engaging in any form of physical activity as their hairstyle is affected by perspiration, according to a new study by the University of Colorado School of Medicine's ...

Frequent, Smaller Meals Prevent Feline Obesity, Study

Feb 24, 2014 AM EST Eating frequent smaller meals is known to cut obesity risk in humans. However, University of Illinois researchers have found that tiny, regular meals can eliminate feline obesity as well.

Just 24.8 Percent American Teens Meet CDC Physical Activity Goal, Report

Jan 10, 2014 AM EST Majority of American teenagers fail to meet the federal government's recommended physical activity levels, according to a data from the combined National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey ...

Physical Activity Does Not Help Burn Abdominal Fat in Teens, Study

Jan 10, 2014 AM EST It is a known fact that eating junk food causes bulging waistlines in adolescents. But a study by the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country has found that abdominal fat cannot be reduced even if ...

Walking 2,000 Extra Steps a day Reduces Cardiovascular Diseases by 8 Percent, Study

Dec 20, 2013 AM EST Walking 2,000 steps a day in addition to regular physical activity can help lower the risk of heart attacks and stroke by eight percent, according to a Leicester University study. Researchers said ...

Exercise Improves Creative Thought Process, Study

Dec 05, 2013 AM EST A new Leiden University study claims that regular physical activity not only makes the body fit and healthy, but also helps boost creative thinking.

Exercise Improves Memory, Attention in Dementia Patients, Study

Dec 04, 2013 AM EST Regular physical activity improves cognitive functioning and the ability to perform everyday tasks in older people suffering from dementia, according to a new University of Alberta study. Researchers ...

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