New Hampshire Scientists Discover 100-year-old Giant Mountain in Pacific Ocean

Sep 09, 2014 AM EDT University of New Hampshire scientists have discovered a new seamount near the Johnson Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Corals and Fish Can Smell Damaged Reefs: Study

Aug 22, 2014 AM EDT Pacific corals and fish possess the ability to smell a bad neighborhood and therefore, avoid settling in damaged reefs, according to a study by the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Mystery behind Predatory Nature of Red Lionfish Solved, Study

Aug 16, 2014 AM EDT Red lionfish, the invasive Pacific Ocean species, hunts like a terminator. This predatory nature can cause the termination of an entire native population of a species, according to a new study by the ...

Pacific Bottlenose dolphin Calf Born At SeaWorld San Diego

Nov 13, 2013 AM EST Kolohe, a 30-year-old Pacific bottlenose dolphin has given birth to a calf Tuesday at the SeaWorld Marine Park.

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