Neuroscience: Use These Brain Hacks To Be At Your Best This Year [Video]

Jan 06, 2017 AM EST Here are some scientific and handy hacks to improve your focus, learn faster and make smarter decisions this year.

Surprising Reasons Why Multitasking is Bad for Your Brain, Says Neuroscientist

Dec 12, 2016 PM EST Multitasking is not something that will make anyone productive and efficient as many have observed for years and recent research suggest that multitasking can even be more harmful to the brain and ...

Be a More Productive Multitasker: A Neuroscientist Tells Us How

Nov 12, 2016 AM EST We all know that the human mind is not built for multitasking but we push it to its limits anyway.

Female Frogs Favour Multitasking Males, Study

Aug 19, 2013 AM EDT Female gray tree frogs belonging to the species 'Hyla chrysosceli' prefer to mate with multitasking males, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota.

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